When the Impossible Becomes Possible
by Kristina Copilova

For Print

Illustration, Graphic Design, Book Cover Design, Editing, Photo Manipulation & Retouching


Software used: Procreate, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat

Background —

Creating a picturebook to raise money for a child with Cerebral Palsy.

Problem —

How can I best interpret the text into images to make significant perspective changes so that people can understand the journey of this child and their family?

Goal —

Create a visually appealing and meaningful children's picture book that attracts people to donate for the cause.

Approach — 

Spending time with the family to listen and understand the circumstances and closely imitating them in my illustrations by enveloping them in a cloud of visual storytelling.


Conceptualising the Main Character, and establishing the stylistic illustrations that the client wanted by breaking down their request for a 'life-like cartoon' character.


Using pictures from family portraits, I replicated the rest of the family and relevant key characters. The element of fantasy and myth to create fairies, wizards, dragons and fairytale environments was inspired by 3D animated movies and TV shows aimed at children.


Costumes inspired by anime as well as historical fashion (1800s) and environments by Pre-Raphaelite paintings.


Researching and drawing static and dynamic poses that convey the actions based on text.

"Her beloved daughter was standing without any help and with courage and decisiveness she began to take her first steps."

"Her beloved daughter was standing without any help and with courage and decisiveness she

Adding details on the illustrations to enhance the magical element by hiding items in corners and open spaces, so that the book as a whole can offer multiple readings with loads left to discover in the future.

When The Impossible Become Possible 7


Creating a wholesome experience for the reader who wants to get inspired and learn about the child's journey by immediately referencing the text with a matching image. Creating mini illustrations to embellish and enhance the story by making it more immersive, almost as if the text comes alive and transforms into images. Creating activity pages with textured illustrations for multiple readings but to also engage the adult and child to connect and feel empowered, just as the main character does at the end of the story!





Perhaps the most challenging part of a designer and illustrator is to create an appealing and meaningful book cover that visually communicates the essence of the book and the story without text. 

The cover would be the deciding factor for many potential clients about whether they would buy the book and contribute to the charitable cause. 

Made multiple iterations of the colour work in post production and kept adding elements that would visually enhance the picture and contribute to the storytelling of the book cover.

Finally I decided on a colour version that was not just beautiful, it created a sense of emotive language communicated by the main character with facial expressions. Documented her journey with illustrations surrounding her in floating magic bubbles and created Greek text typography for the title which I encrusted with glitter for a magical effect that immediately draws the eye.

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