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JN Fitness

Personal Trainer Branding

Digital, Web, Print

Logo Design, Graphic Design, Website Design, Editing, Photo Manipulation & Retouching

Software used: Photoshop, Acrobat, GoDaddy, Wordpress

Background —

Offering a whole pack of branded content and designs for a Personal Training business.

Problem —

How can I best reflect the character of the client and their work ethic through branding, colours, shapes and graphic design so that they can attract their dream clients?

Goal —

Create business cards, website and logo design that remains coherent throughout and is attractive for the right customers so as to maximise sales and attract the right clients.

Approach — 

Spending time with the client to cater to their needs by employing active listening skills and developing a branded presence for them based on their character and work. Creating an easy to navigate website with GoDaddy, clear and elegant logo and branded business cards.

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A personal trainer is someone who is very energetic, empowering and motivating. As a designer I could not just rely on a broad stereotype, I needed to get to know my client as best as I could and ask them open ended questions so I can offer them the best suited and personalised content I could.

This client was lacking a virtual presence so I had to establish for them not just a personalised logo, but an entire branded website finished with images, landing pages and business cards.

After communicating with the client several times, I understood that they were a kind individual whose aim was to 'empower women, because we are stronger together'. Next, I did some research and came back with some other personal trainer's websites that I thought this client would like.


To my surprise, they did not prefer the overly energetic vibe, and the vibrant colours that monetised on excess movement and cardio. Instead, they preferred colour tones that were gentle to the eye, and designs that were simple and straight to the point, just like her practise which is weightlifting. 

Change of direction. I asked what their ideal client would be, they answered:


'A woman who is too busy with work so when she comes to the gym she wants to give it all she has while feeling safe, inspired and motivated to achieve her goal. I want her to leave the gym feeling peaceful and emitting an inner glow.'



It all starts somewhere, and for this client the easiest thread we could untangle was establishing her logo. They communicated that they wanted something that would appeal to young and older women. 

It had to be something essentially feminine, but also straight to the point and minimal. 

I made various iterations of a logo with their name, but they rejected all of them, only highlighting certain aspects they liked.

This was the first logo iteration.

The logo was the client's own handwriting and they really liked it but felt that it was not the right one.

So I went back to my thinking desk and created with simple lettering their initials and placed them inside a square border.

This time it was a true success! The client felt that the logo represented their business with its succinct, straight to the point lettering that communicated with ease what it is they offer and remains elegant with a eye-catching and powerful streak. We worked together to fine tune the design and finally had their first official branded logo.


Even though it was my first time using GoDaddy to develop a website I felt it was a choice that could provide minimal and succinct pages just as the client wanted. I also felt comfortable using it as it was a sub-product of Wordpress with which I had worked before to develop websites.

The client was very cooperative and allowed plenty of space for improvements and changes as we progressed with the website.

As with the logo, they wanted a minimal approach with a touch of feminine. I decided to include a basic scrolling format for the website for the best use on users' devices, and make any links to contact the client easily available. I also included a subscription box which lets the client know whenever someone is interested in working with them, with easy links to get in touch.

The colour choice of light blue across the website was to give off the sense of femininity, health and safety, just as the client needs their clients to feel when they are exercising with them. It was very important to incorporate and subconsciously communicate this sense of healing energy so as to create a cohesive brand awareness both online and offline by linking it to feelings of wellness.

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I asked the client what other aspects they wish to be included in the website, other than their services and encouraged them to bring testimonials from previous clients and to think what their mission and values are, as well as linking all their professional social accounts and building a gallery page and involving their team members.

Introducing the client to visiting users on the homepage by carefully selecting an image that is friendly and inviting, followed by their slogan 'We are #StrongerTogether'. I sought to immediately create a strong connection not only because of the sense of support communicated by the slogan, but also because I have linked that emotion to an active hashtag with which the visitor understands that they can be involved with so much more outside of the gym by joining a wider community of empowered women who are going through similar journeys. Underneath the empowering slogan and next to the friendly image of the personal trainer, I have included a big highlighted 'Contact Joli' button that takes the visitors to the sign up page where they can chat with Joli and set up an appointment to meet up.

Since the mission of the client is important and should be highlighted, I included it along with numerous testimonials from current and previous clients in the homepage, so that visiting users can immediately see the positive impact they can have in their life. And if they scroll at the bottom of the page, they can see the subscription list to the newsletter, as well as the 'Contact Joli' button (again) in case they feel ready to sign up for a training session they can follow through to the relevant page.

In the 'About Me' page I made sure to include everything relevant to the person, their motivation, their qualifications and interests. I chose a powerful picture that shows off the client's work environment as well as their level of professionalism and honesty they exhibit at work. Combined with a few words the client provided, and by linking their instagram account and their most recent images, the visitor can browse and find out all they wish to know about the Personal Trainer before they hire them.

Next, I created a gallery page filled with pictures of previous and current clients as well as the Personal Trainer training and explaining exercises to their clients. We also included some before and after pictures with the consent of their clients to show how results can be achieved with this Personal Trainer. Lastly, I made sure to include people with similar body-types, gender and interests as the ones who are visiting the website to create the sense that the visitor will not be alone in their journey, but instead join others who are just like them and with whom they can share their fitness goals and even make friends.

Lastly, once the visitor has decided to contact the Personal Trainer by heading to the contact page, I had to include both locations that the Personal Trainer works at, as well as their email, phone number and working hours. Complemented with a big map of the areas, highlighting the exact location with a pin drop and a 'Get Directions' button for easy access for the visitor to see if they can travel to the locations conveniently. An emergency contact service was highlighted and included in the text to make sure that the now potential client understands that they have support beyond opening hours.


Once we had the website up and running, I could expand into other areas of branding with the client, the first point of which was the essential business cards. After communicating and consulting with the client and what they wished for the design of the business cards, we strongly felt that it would only be right to keep the consistent practise of minimalistic, feminine and straight to the point, as we had done with the website.

The first draft of business cards I designed based on the website colours of light blue, white and black, was according to the client beautiful and consistent but once the cards would be placed in a busy gym setting they wouldn't attract attention. 

The client was right, light blue, white and black could be exactly what the website needed to attract the clients online and create a sense of wellbeing, but these colours against a very energetic background would almost remain completely unnoticed and blend with other regular desk trinkets and ad leaflets.


I needed to find a replacement colour for the light blue that would make a much more powerful contrast, invite the right clients to pick it up and read it, but most importantly, to pick the visual interest from a distance as most people would pass by the gym entrance which as the client explained, is directly next to where she was planning to plant her business cards.

I played around with multiple colours but all had a fault:

Green was too 'natural and cool' and probably will not attract the right type of client.

Red was too 'energetic and passionate', sure it would attract the eye but it was not representative of the client's business.

Yellow was 'bright and eye-catching but also cold'.

After, communicating with the client, I suggested we go with something that is not too bright, but  also not passive, something cool but also warm. I settled with pastel tones, just as with the website, only this time instead of choosing light blue, I choose a similar colour by shifting towards warmer hues on the colour wheel. The combination of warm passionate red and the healing energy of blue, created the perfect shade of pastel purple, which was not only elegant, it was also feminine, almost royal. It's visual energy communicated power and safety to the right people, attracting exactly the right type of client that the Personal Trainer needed.

The client was very happy with the final colour combinations and with the minimalistic design and logo integration. After a few weeks of adding the business cards at her place of work, she contacted me to thank me for maximising her client base both online and at the gym as my designs attracted many more of her dream clients.

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