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Published Children's Books

When The Impossible Become Possible

By Cristina Kopilova

Illustrated and Edited by Anastasia Photiou

This book is inspired from a real story of a girl who suffered of  Cerebral Palsy (CP) but who never gave up on her dreams and whose will and inner power made the impossible, possible.


Dear Little Deer,

Are You Tired Yet?

By Anastasia Photiou

Follow Dear Little Deer and Silver Shining Star in this charming picture book about friendship, family, and magic.


The Flying Elephant

By Loucas Skyllouriotis

Illustrated and Edited by Anastasia Photiou

A group of friends is spending the summer bored at home. One day they set out on an incredible adventure...


A story about the true meaning of friendship and solidarity.

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Nutrition with a Learning Difficulty

A guide to managing children's nutritional needs for carers

By Alkisti Niki Photiou

Illustrated by Anastasia Photiou

An e-guide designed to educate carers of children with learning disabilities about healthy eating. 

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