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On our visit to Swanage in Dorset, I documented the city's noteworthy attractions!

I'm a quirky and artistic gal so for those who want to see the hidden gems of this city then I suggest to read on!

Getting there:

We got to Swanage from Bournemouth Square with the 50 bus (Breezer) operated by MoreBuses on a Friday which runs only once per hour, make sure to check timetables before you leave!

This is a really enjoyable route which takes approximately an hour and a half, assuming some delay from the moment you have to crossover with the boat from Poole to Studland. 

Don't get frustrated when the bus gets on the boat to cross over the sea to get to Studland! It is such a unique experience being in a bus, floating on the sea in a boat!

I would recommend sitting on the top floor of the bus where you can have an open view of the nature and the terrain that will surround you once the bus is on its way. 


Once you arrive to Swanage you can get the 40 route also operated by MoreBuses and go all the way to Corfe Castle, otherwise you can choose to explore the city like we did!

The city of Swanage:

The first thing that greets you right when you get off the bus is the Birds Nest Buffet Swanage Railway, a really lovely yet quirky cafe that is built inside a used wagon of a train that now sits just by the side of the railway station. You can see the happy people enjoying their coffee and afternoon teas just by looking through the carriage's windows.

(Link to tripadvisor website here: )

Moving on from here you can walk towards the seaside where you can find a multiplicity of restaurants and cafes  along the Station Road where you can spend some time to dine. 

To the best of my opinion, the best dessert after a good lunch (or dinner) is the ice cream treats, offered by many gelaterias all along the coast of Swanage. It is a custom to have your ice cream whilst walking (or sitting) by the beach which is also dog friendly!

We found out that in fact many of the shops and cafes are dog friendly and also offer dog treats for your furry friends, which makes Swanage a perfect weekend destination for families and dog lovers!

On Commercial Road you will find vintage shops, quirky shops and at the end, hidden just round the corner, the most delicious treat of all: Chococo! A true chocolate lover's paradise, with a double floored cafe offering all sorts of sweet and cocoa-licious beverages and desserts! We tried the 100% hot chocolate, which is a great option for all the people out there that are dark chocolate lovers like moi! Make sure you also get to visit their shop which is on the side of the cafe. You can buy all the chocolate treats your heart desires: from dark to milk chocolate, chocolates to be eaten there, or to take away.

Link to Chococo:

This is for all my book lovers! Yes, I would not forget you!

Walking back in Station Road, you should visit the New and Secondhand Books Bookshop, where you can find books for all ages in excellent conditions for more than 70% off the original price! This is because of course the majority of the books sold there are secondhand used books. If you're not into that though, they still do have a section of new books in which you can immerse yourself into and pick out your new book companion! 

Link to New and Secondhand Books:

Or follow them on their facebook page here:

Before leaving make sure you walk towards the Pier (and possibly on the pier too! It was closed when we went there for construction purposes) along the promenade by the sea. A very cheerful ambiance if you get blessed with a bit of sunshine. At the end of the promenade to your right you will be able to put your camera to good use as a green hill with a small greek-looking theatre at its bottom rises above you with amazing views to Purbeck Isle, and Old Harry's Rocks!

That's all we managed to do in the time we spent in Swanage, but I will leave with you the guide to Swanage offered by VisitDorset at their website:

Leave me a message about your discoveries and/or if I should update this page!


Most importantly enjoy your trip to Swanage!

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