Anastasia Photiou is a freelance illustrator, specialising in concept art, digital compositing and children's picture book illustration.

Located in London, UK.

Anastasia Photiou is a freelance illustrator and creative designer with a particular interest in the digital art and compositing.


She is currently pursuing an MA degree in Children's Literature and Children's Illustration with Goldsmiths University London. In 2018 she graduated from Bournemouth University in England with a degree from the National Centre for Computer Animation (NCCA for short) in BA Computer Visualisation and Animation.

She has previously worked and has experience as a rotoscoping artist and compositor in London. 

Anastasia lives in London, England but often travels around the world and revisits her home country Cyprus and Greece through which she gets most of her inspiration from. 

She works with international clients on a range of upcoming projects, from picture books to book covers and home decor.

At the moment she is looking for an agent to represent her work to publishing houses around the world.

For more details about Anastasia's work, educational background and awards please refer to her Curriculum Vitae (CV) which can be found on the Home Page of her website.

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